Saturday, May 4, 2013

This Blog is Moving

Hey all...thank you for being such faithful followers. Since we are starting a new faze of life and I'm no longer a Nuest (by name) I thought it was time for a blog change!! Head over and check out the new blog!! Follow me there!!

{Blog Everyday In May} - Favorite Quote

I don't know that this is my favorite quote...but I saw it on Instagram the other day and I really connected with it. 

Yesterday, I shared that it was a struggle for me to live in poverty. As much struggle as I have had, my heart is full of joy! My hunger is meet here...I'm satisfied.. I know this is where God has called me. 

Friday, May 3, 2013

{Blog Everyday In May} - Things that Make you Uncomfortable

I saw this on many of the blogs I followed...At first, I thought, how cool, but I could never do it. Now, 3 days later...I want to try.
Today I join....Things that make you uncomfortable.

While in all of these pictures, I look quite comfortable, it is a mask that is put on by my love of children. Living in Haiti has been one of the most uncomfortable things I have every done...the main reason POVERTY....I never escape it here. It's always around, and the weight of people suffering is always here. I thought, that two years into this, I would be use to it...but I'm by honest, what makes me the most uncomfortable is the amount of wealth I have in the poverty.
It is so hard for me. I'm so not a sensitive person. It is so hard for me when I am put in situations where people are very sensitive...I'm not good at it. I always end up putting my foot in my mouth... I'm trying to learn..
Telling People No
I know this may sound contradictory to the last statement, but it is so hard for me to tell people no...I want to make them happy...I like to serve people...I like to do is so hard for me to tell them no. This has gotten me into trouble in the past and I have over committed myself and in turn let people down.
What makes you uncomfortable?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

I'm dreaming....

I'm dreaming of this... 


I will be "suffering" for Jesus as many of you say!

Hope you have a great Friday!!

Friday, April 26, 2013

{Friday Favorites} - April 26

1//Date Day: These are my favorite, and we hadn't had one for a while. We went to the grocery store and then to Dominoes. :)

2//There have been 7 puppies wandering around our neighborhood. Claudy wants one. He tried to claim this one... they are still little to be away from mom...but he think he is going to keep it. The name he picked "Black and White" I think it needs a new name!

3//Claudy picked me a flower and took me on a walk! Great afternoon.

4// This week we have a team of teachers from Hershey visiting...looking to partner long term! Yesterday they visited New Horizons.

5//I like to cook and don't typically like to bake, but my husband likes some treats :)

* White Cake Mix
* 2 Pkgs, Instant Banana Pudding
* Whipped Topping

Prepare the cake mix as directed. Let cake cool for about 15 minutes. Then poke holes in the cake using the end of a wooden spoon. While cake is cooling, prepare pudding...let sit for about 5 minutes (but don't let it get stiff, it needs to be a little creamer to go through the holes in the cake). Pour pudding over cake and spread evening. Then top with whipped topping!

6//Baby Jeff - Seriously...could he get any cuter?? Please pray for Pastor (Jeff's dad) he fell from a tree a couple of weeks ago and still isn't recovered!

7// Grilled Flat Bread Pizza

* Use Wraps or desired crust of your choice
- Put Olive Oil on Both sides of Wrap. Put on Grill, after the first side is to the Crispness that you desire, flip the crust and add toppings.
* Top with Tomatoes (used a can of rotel)
* Add cheese and fresh Basil

Super good and so quick!

I hope you have a great weekend!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

I Love BlogLovin'

Google reader is going away. Many of you will need a way to follow my blog. You can follow on Blog Lovin'.

Today I'm linking up with some others to help transition you to BlogLovin. Follow me there!!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Bring Life to These Dry Bones

About two years ago, I was waiting.

I was filled with hope, excitement, encouragement, strength...I was waiting for something to happen.

About two years ago, I was one month away from moving to Haiti. I just couldn't wait to get here. I couldn't wait to experience Christ, to be his hands and feet, and to serve him differently than I had ever before.

About two years ago...I was dreaming, about how great life would be in Haiti. The lost soles I would save. The relationships I would make. Intimacy with the Lord. I envisioned that my two years in Haiti would be me on cloud 9 the entire time.

Then I arrived in Haiti.

I hit the ground running, literally. I arrived with a team. Learned the ropes quickly. Developed relationships, lead teams, served teams, served Haitians, saw poverty, saw death, experienced poverty, experienced broken relationships, friends left, teams left....

Let's just say, it hasn't been cloud 9. A lot of times, it feels like cloud 2.

Moving has been the most difficult thing I have ever done in my life.

Somedays I feel very isolated, like I don't fit in, like I've done nothing, reached no one...

In my heart I know these words aren't true. I know they are from the devil and I need to fight them. I need to claim the God's truth...

I recently started the study "Duty or Delight" by Tammie Head...

"One thing is certain. You're going to learn how to put your foot down and stop putting up with what you've been putting up with. It's time for the condemnation to stop. It's time for the guilt to stop. It's time for the prayerlessness to stop. It's time for fear to stop. It's time for all of these false expectations to stop. It's time you enjoyed your God."

I needed to hear these words. I need some reassembling.

I need some refreshing...

Lord Reassemble Me.

Lord Refresh Me.

Bring life to these Dry Bones (Ezekiel 37:1-14)

** There have been many good things in Haiti. I have learned more than any other time of my life and learned how to trust God and lean on him....but I'm tired and weary **