Monday, June 4, 2012

A little problem...

Hey all!
My name is Jane and I am helping out at the Haitian Queen while Ashlee heads to the states to get married.  I wanted to keep you all up to date on the happenings here in Haiti while she is away.  

Well Ashlee left this morning.  I've been a little nervous trying to learn everything I needed to know about  the house before she left.  I finally was feeling confidant that I had it all figured out, and that's precisely when God likes to give us a little test isn't it?  So I'm driving to the gas station and those of you who read about the parking ticket that was my fault on Memorial Day know that I already don't have the best luck with driving in Haiti. So,there is the normal pointing and staring from Haitians so I think nothing of it.  As our tank is being filled a man knocks on the window and lets me know we have a flat tire! So after a few phone calls, and Matt and a Haitian man coming to my rescue we got it taken care of. All I can think is, "Well at least now I know what to do if it happens again!"

So prayers would be appreciated for a smooth transition to Ashlee not being here!

Friday, June 1, 2012

{Friday Favorites} - One Year - June 1st

It's my last Friday in Haiti for a month, and tomorrow will also be my anniversary of arriving in Haiti. One year ago, I moved to Haiti. It's been life changing, to say the least. In honor of the anniversary, I will be most my favorite picture from each month in Haiti...I hope you enjoy!!!

June 2011 - This is a little girl from the Tree of Life orphanage!!! Love the smile!!

July 2011 - So I couldn't pick...The first one is of Kelsey and I at OLTCH...I love these moments with the girls...with them playing with my hair, etc....One of my favorites things.

Roselyn...I love her..I love her smile and our energetic spirit. She is no longer at OLTCH, but my heart will not forget her!!

August 2011 - We went and played soccer in the can see here that they love white peoples hair!!!

September 2011 - A team from Brazil came and visited us. A couple of evenings they put on a soccer tournament in Bellvue. A lot of these children are also students at Maxo's school!! I love them!!! 

October 2011 - I love this picture of Billy and Zicot. They came with us to the beach after a hard week of work. They helped build 2 houses!

November 2011 - We helped put on an Olympics day at OLTCH...This is after Laura and Vinette painted 50 faces :) Love these two women dearly!!

December 2011 - Family Time!! I love my family!! We all enjoy each other. I love this picture of my dad!! It brings back many memories of when I was a small child....Love!!

January 2012 - We get engaged!!!!!!!!! I said yes!!!!! Also Cory and Shannon and family came to visit!! What a great time and great memories!!

February 2012 - Compass Church came...this is of Kayla (she's great) with the kids at Maxo's school. I love Maxo's school, so it is always fun for me when people come and spend time there!!

March 2012 - Ella Grace & Lauren....Ella stole my heart (and Lauren's too). She is with the Lord now, but she touched many lives in her short 18 months here on Earth!!! (Lauren - I love you too!)

April 2012 - Maxita...I love Maxo's family...when I first maxita, she cried and cried...she was so scared of me!! Now I think she loves me back!!

May 2012 - Spending more time at Maxo's school. I love the older girls...Please pray, we are trying to start a Bible study with them next year :) 21 days I become a a Haitian...I need to learn to become more Haitian...which means carrying things on your head!! Here is one of my first attempts!!

Hope you enjoyed! Thank you for your love and support!!!