Friday, June 17, 2011

{Friday Favorites}

1. It has been so hot here. It help cool off, Katie, Wes and I, went and laid in the river. It was very refreshing!! (Don't worry, we showered when we got back, just in case).

2. Moto Lessons: On Sunday, Wes gave Katie and I a moto lesson. I can officially start the moto, and get in and out of 1st and 2nd gear. We didn't leave the walled area, yet to see if I could do more!

3. Danise - Is a little girl I meet at New Horizon's Orphanage. We had a great day there until, it started pouring and we had to run home!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Doctors Without Borders

One of our partners here in Haiti, is Operation Love the Children of Haiti (OLTCH). Jasmine and Gregg run a wonderful orphanage and have an amazing story. You can read it here. One of the little boys, Franski has club feet, TB, and many other health concerns. He has been at Doctors Without Borders for a couple of months. On Tuesday, we had the opportunity to go visit him. He is doing so much better. Here are some pictures.

While we were at Doctors without Borders, we stumbled upon the Neonatal room. There was a women that had just had triplets!! She let us take pictures of her babies!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Today I watched a little boy be pulled away from the orphanage. A home he has known for quite some time, his family, his friends, his stability and hope. His parents are no longer living, but his Aunt and Grandma decided today to pick him up. It was heartbreaking to watch him leave, not knowing what the conditions he would go to and what he may be forced into. Sometimes we take advantage of the Justice system that we have in the United States. When adoptions fall through there, we at least have the justice system to fall back on, we have social services that will care for the children and make sure they are safe. What will happen to Philip? Who is to care for him? My prayer, is that God will protect Philip, that he will live in Philip and that he will come to be a great man for the Lord.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I knew this would be one of the most difficult parts of living in Haiti. However, no matter the preparation, it doesn’t make it any easier. How do we love the poor, like Christ would love the poor? At what point does our helping hurt and at what time does it help? What is the line? Is there a line? Is a case by case basis? How do I “say” to a person, that I am helping you by planting a church (which is the ultimate gift), but I’m not going to give you food that will create a dependency? How do love them and not help them meet their basic needs? Is it possible? My heart is heavy this morning. I don’t know there are answers to these questions. Yet, daily I run across this. My prayer and encouragement is that God has gone before us and will lead us!!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

{I'm in Haiti}

I have arrived in Haiti. The process seemed long at times, but the last 2 months flew by. On Thursday, my mom and I, along with 5, fifty pound bags, 2 carry on bags and 2 back packs arrived safely in Haiti. My bags are still sitting in the living room, they will be until Thursday this week, when Christine leaves and I move into her room.

When we arrived we hit the ground running. A team of 10 from Fullerton, California was here. We spent the last two days with them, at the school and the beach.

Today, I send a bitter-sweet goodbye to my mom at the airport. I never like saying goodbye and even though I have lived away from home for sometimes, goodbyes with my family are never easy. Yet the goodbye was sweet, knowing I am fulfilling God's call on my life. I am excited for the next two years. I know God is going to do great things in Haiti and I am excited to be part of it.

The next two weeks will be filled with learning the new city, meeting people and learning the ropes around the house. I will write more later, but wanted to let all of you know I am in Haiti safely! Thank you for your prayers!!