Monday, May 28, 2012


It's always a little bit different being outside the US, when you know that everyone back home is off of work, relaxing, and spending time together. Today was no different. This morning I saw many posts of thanks to our wonderful troops, which later turned into many posts of friends by the water (lake, pool and ocean). I commented to Jane (staff member here for 2 months), that we should make our own Memorial Day celebration. While, that didn't happen, we did have an interesting day!

The last week and a half I have been trying to teach Jane and Matt, all they will need to know to run the house for a month while I am gone. Jane decided she needed one more training session with me at the supermarket! We decided to make a day of it and we stopped to eat in Petionville, before getting our groceries. I decided to take them to the Funky Monkey (a latte sounded good). Jane parked, we went in and ate and returned outside...only to find that our truck was not there. Jane comments to me "I promised I locked it." I searched around the corner, like an idiot, like somehow it moved itself. As we were searching, there were 3 men across the street laughing at us. The proceeded to tell me the police took our car. So we walked the half mile or so to the police station. I guess I didn't really know what to say, I hadn't really practiced any of the words for a police station, it isn't something I use often. I finally muttered enough words, that the police officer outside, pointed me inside. Again, I explained that someone, I think the police, took our car. Finally we found the car. We were told that Jane was parked improperly...(I'm not sure how the other 4 weren't) and we needed to pay a fine to get our vehicle back! I paid the fine and 20 minutes later we were on the road to the market! Thank goodness it was nothing more or a stolen vehicle.

We did have some Memorial Day celebrations. We sat on the roof in the sun for an hour. Then it was back to work, only to find out we are losing 100v of power, from our pole to our electrical box...Looks like we get to run a new wire underground!! Should be fun to fix!!

Friday, May 18, 2012

{Friday Favorites} - May 18th

 1. Helping Teach at OLTCH: Last week, I didn't have any groups and wasn't able to schedule my own teacher training, so I joined Laura in her classroom. We had fun teaching English and making Mother's Day cards!!

2. New Coffee Maker: Ok, this is definitely a 1st world girl problem, I know. However, 3 weeks ago my Keriug coffee maker died. I've resorted to drinking expired instant coffee. I found out my friend Katie was coming to Haiti and I shipped one to her and she so kindly brought it to Haiti for me!! It has been so nice having it back :)

3. New Apartment: Maybe not new...I'm still living in the same house, but since Claudy and I are getting married, we not have two rooms and a little division set up for a little more privacy and space for us. I've been trying to be crafty and with the help of Sally, a NP staying with us for 2 months, I have some new rugs and lamps!!
Entry Way

Entry Way/ Hall Way...With New IKEA red rug, New IKEA lamp and my made sign...I painted some plywood black, painted a quote, crocheted some flowers and then stapled on the I"m waiting for some new black and white pictures!!

We have an office with a sitting area, a new gray IKEA rug, and IKEA lamp...notice the Keruig

I moved my desk and photo wall to the "office"

I added some quotes to the wall and eliminated the mosquito net. 

Our Closet...I even made room for Claudy's clothes :) 

Claudy's dresser and then my created frames that have chicken wire and then my You & Me painting

It's been fun, preparing a new "home". I was definitely struggling with giving up some of my marriage expectations of preparing a home for our family and this definitely helped!.

4. This summer I have 4 additional staff members. Jane (on the right) arrived yesterday and she is our intern mentor and handling a lot of the communication pieces while I am away. Matt, is an intern mentor will be arriving tomorrow. Chelsey, an intern will be arriving next week. Christine, who lived her for a year is coming back for the summer. I'm very excited about having more people here to help. Katie (on the left), works in New Orleans with Touch Global and is in charge of the internship program. She came to Haiti this week and we have been working hard, to structure the program and prepare for their arrivals!!

Hope you all have a great week...In case you are wondering... 17 days until I arrive in MN and 35 days until I become MRS.FRANCOIS!!!!

Friday, May 4, 2012

{Friday Favorites} - May 4

Well...It's been a while since I've updated you! So here they are...

1. Working with the Nations: One of the coolest things we do here, is have mission groups from other countries come and work in Haiti. We just spent two weeks from a group from the Czech...they worked so hard and were great to work with...but boy can they eat :) 

2. One night last week, we got together with the staff of OLTCH and had a night out to eat...after some of the staff wanted to play games...some of us didn't, SO...Brett baked us some wonderful Blueberry Muffins!!

3. Maxo's Family: I write about them often, but seriously, I love them. Could these kids be any cuter. 

4. Crafting: I love to craft. When I was home, I was able to buy some canvas's and paints. I made some cool new signs, in effort to make our room a little bit more homey, not that we are getting married. I loved how they turned out... (Don't give me credit, I totally got these ideas from Pinterest). I loved using the wood frames and buying chicken wire to put behind them...I also have been crocheting every new thing is wash clothes. 

5. Maxo's School: I am seriously in love with these children...who wouldn't be!! They are so precious. We had a great day yesterday, just playing with the children and loving on them...

Her name is Ashlee too!!
6. Bethany - Bethany has been serving along side me for two months. It has been so much fun to watch her grow in her weaknesses, to be challenged and to totally embrace the people of Haiti. She has loved on the least of these!! She leaves tomorrow and I will be so sad to see her go. This picture is with her and Madam Christian, last week, with Sally's help they descavied that orphanage!! 

Well..we are off to the beach!! Have a great day!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Be an Encourager

In the last week God has been speaking to me about my attitude (along with my wonderful fiance, I love how they can point out your weaknesses). It's been easy here to get caught up in the difficulties. To focus, on the hardship, the sufferings, the trials, and the work you don't feel called to do. I've been stuck in a rut. I've been choosing to focus on the things that are hard for me, instead of the the blessings.

Yesterday I started reading through 2 Corinthians and I was so encouraged by Paul's words in chapter 1, verse 7...

 There is a reason for the suffering, for the trials and for the comfort...that way we can share with our brothers and sisters, we can extend grace and mercy and comfort them when they are going through sufferings, because we too, have been through them.

Yesterday, I was praying through what God wanted me to do with this, how to use my sharing of the suffering. I was convicted that I wasn't being a person of encouragement. He wants to use me to encourage His saints. Today as I read in chapter, I came across verse 15....we are called to be the aroma of Christ...

 My prayer today is that Christ will use me to encourage others and that everywhere I go, I will let off the aroma of Christ.

Picking up on my One Thousand Gifts...

55. Sun blisters from a relaxing day at the beach.
56. The smell of the Caribbean waters.
57. God's perfect creation of the ocean, it's simple beauty.
58. The fragrance of the rain.
59. Elaise's sweet smile of thanks everyday.
60. God sending people of encouragement at the times we need them most.
61. Book of letters from my family.
62. Mom's drawing of the farming, making me less homesick.

63. Notes from the children at the orphanage.