Thursday, September 22, 2011

Good 'Ole USA

I would be lying if I didn't say that this morning I am feeling a bunch of different emotions about traveling back to the United States. While I will only be there for a week, I am slightly nervous....Nervous I will:

* forget my Kreyol
* Gain 30 lbs from all of the food I have missed
* Get sick from eating food I'm not used to eating
* Be frustrated with the American Dream
* Want to stay

At the same time, I am excited...Excited to....

* See my friends and parents
* To meet Joseph Aaron (my best friend Betha's son)
* Speak at my friends Youth Group
* Eat Chipotle, bread, cheese, Mexican food, salad, etc...
* Have a fountain Diet Coke
* Lay in the sun and work on my tan
* Get a pedicure
* Go to a store
* Rest

I am also sad....Sad that I am closing the door on a chapter of my life (yes, I know I left 4 months ago), but I will be moving all of my possessions out of the house I owned for 5 + years.

So I leave this morning....knowing I am  leaving the country I am called to serve in. Knowing I will be back shortly and praying God will give me a great time of rest.

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  1. Have a a good time in the states, Ash. We will be praying for you :) Don't sweat the small stuff. God is with you!!

    ~Tracy Grabowska