Monday, July 16, 2012

It's a boy!!!

No Claudy and I are not having a baby yet. However, many of you who have visited or have followed the blog were wanting to know what Madame Christian had. It's a boy... Sean Jeff-Erik Samuel Christian Jean. No I'm not kidding, that is his whole name. While she told me, she laughed, because she had to say it 4 times before getting it correct :) Anyways he is healthy and they are doing well. Here are some pictures.

I took some other pics of the kids as well!!! 

I'm no sure why he was so sad!!! But it was a rough day :) 

We are planning on fixing their house so soon the kids will be inside :) It's great to be back in Haiti :) I'll post some wedding things Friday :) 


  1. Beautiful kids! I wish I could give the little guy a hug--or a cookie.

  2. So THANKFUL to hear that this boy finally made it into the world and all is well! I think he looks like Pastor?!! Thanks for letting us know, Ashlee! xo

    1. He looks a lot like their other boy... He was born 2 weeks ago!! She had a C-section!