Friday, September 14, 2012

{Friday Favorites} - September 14

It looks like I need to start adding more pictures to my blog, since I made my crazy mistake and have lots of black spots on my blog :) It's been a great week, living on a schedule, being a wife, a friend, a teammate...I'm blessed.

 1. Number One Pool: My friends at Respire Haiti had told me this pool existed. I must admit, I wasn't too hopeful that it would be nice..even driving in, I was skeptical. However, the pool was nice, clean, quiet..the only thing that was really weird, were the two giant naked statues that were peeing in the pool (not kidding). We had a great day!!
 2. Magic Bullet - Thank you Schmidgall Family! This has been a blessing. I was able to find some frozen fruit in town and make us some awesome smoothies...Claudy is in love, I'm already out of fruit!!
3. Hammock: Last Saturday, per the recommendation of Cherie and Kristi, we visited a store by the embassy. It was everything has great as they had said (Claudy didn't think it was great and couldn't understand my joy). I actually felt like I was shopping in a target (Ok, it wasn't that nice, but still..). I wanted to buy everything, then realized, I don't need dishes, serving plates, decorations, I settled on a hammock. Which wasn't settling at all. My parents had tried to bring me one from the states, but it didn't fit in the right dimensions. So, with the help of my wonderful husband, I now have a wonderful hammock on the roof. I have spent some great time with the Lord up there...

 4. It's fall...It doesn't feel like it in Haiti, but my mind knows it's fall. To help trick my senses, I have started burning my fall scents and keep the fan on me and I almost can believe that it is true :) I love this candle, seriously go now to bath and body and buy one for yourself! I will be buying more when I return to the states. If I didn't have a thing about burning scents in seasons, I would burn it all year long!!

 5. Soccer: I told you we were more on a schedule...It seems that 5 o'clock is fitness hour. I go for a run, Claudy goes and plays soccer..I finish my run and watch him play for a little while :) I love watching him seeing him disciple the men that he plays with!! Please pray for him and a couple of the other guys. They are thinking of using soccer as their platform to help reach the community!!
6. Marriage: It has been eye opening.. others had told me, and it's not that I didn't believe them, I just didn't understand. It has shown me areas that I am weak and need to grow. Lately, I've been shown, how much I struggle with value and personal image. I never believe these issues would be solved with marriage, trust me they aren't :) But I didn't realize how much I struggled with them, until Claudy was telling me things, I didn't really believe them to be true.

 I've been spending a lot of time in the word, reading His words and His promises..that I'm fearfully and wonderfully made.  Last night, I was listening to this song and its as if the words were meant for me. Click here to listen.

"So with my arms stretched out I am swaying to your heartbeat.
I am growing with the sound of your voice calling
You are bringing out the beauty that you had put in me
For your joy and for your glory falling.

With my roots deep in you
I grow the branch that bares the fruit
And though I am small I still will be standing in the storm.
Cause I am planted by the river
By your streams of living water
And I will grow up strong and beautiful all for your splendor Lord."

I love that....I'm bringing out the beauty you had put in me....I will grow up strong and beautiful all for YOUR splendor Lord!!!

Thankful that as I walk through this journey, I can minister to others. The 2nd week of October, I will be starting a bible study with the 13-16 year old girls at Maxo's school. We will be focusing on identity! Please pray for us!!!

Hope you have a great week!!!

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