Friday, November 9, 2012

{Friday Favorites} - November 9

1. Last week, HHM had a group of doctors and dentists in town. Sandy asked if I would take them to one of our partnering orphanages. So, while they worked, I played and held baby Jeff!! I love these kids!!
2. Monette - Is one of the kids that lives in the neighborhood by New Horizons. I love this girl. She is full of energy and spunk. She loved the medical gloves that blow up into balloons! :)
3. Everything breaks in Haiti...which is not my favorite. My favorite is that I have a husband, who will spend time helping me and trying to fix all of the things that break! He is so patient! I'm so thankful for him and his many gifts!
 4. November 1st means Christmas Season begins for me. No, I don't skip Thanksgiving, I just love Christmas so much that I want it to last longer. This week I put up the only two Christmas Decorations I have and started listening to Christmas music. It helps me so much to get into the spirit here, when we don't have the weather to help us!
5. Girl's Bible Study - We had our first study yesterday! We have 18 girls from 10-15 years! For a first day, it went really good. Please pray for Sara and I, that we can have an impact on these precious lives! Please pray for our language skills. We are trying to do it all in Creole with out a translator. It went pretty good for the first week, but we don't want a translator or our language skills to be a hindrance. I'm so excited about these girls!

6. Teacher Seminar: I didn't get a picture of this :( We had our first seminar of the year and it went great! We talked a lot about the future of their school for the year. They invited me to have a seminar every other week, instead of just once a month. They also invited me to come watch their classes! While groups are great, I'm thankful for a break, so that I can spend time ministering to these lovey teachers!!

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