Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A good heart

I was having a conversation last night and I heard the words, “but I have a good heart.” I can’t help but think, yes we are all created with good hearts, that was the way God intended, but how far we have come from our “good hearts” As I sit on a roof top in Haiti whose country has been and is torn by government leaders that are corrupt, I wonder what if they had “good hearts” how different would this country look. The problem with our hearts, not that there isn’t good in them, but how so many other “gods” have filled the space, not allowing our one true God to have total reign. I’ve been doing a bible study (Kelly Minter) that talk about letting go of the gods that have taken space in our hearts and making room for God. The difficult part of this making room, is often giving up things we like (most of us don’t really put things in our heart we don’t like) and heading to a new place, that is rather unknown. What will it look like if God has total reign over my heart, where will that lead. The truth is while we will be safer with room in our hearts, it seems so unsafe, because it is unfamiliar and it doesn’t feel like home.

While the words that were said to me last night, may not be true for all of us, since sin has entered our hearts, if we are willing to let go of those other gods and give GOD total reign over our heart, we will have a good heart. There is hope.

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