Friday, January 20, 2012

{Friday Favorites} - January 20

1. Hot Water: One of the things I disliked the most about living in Haiti, and it's really superficial, is the cold water. I hate shivering during my showers. My dad researched and found a small water heater, perfect for Haiti. He installed it last week when he arrived!! It has been such a blessing!!

2. I really like change. I was getting tired of the way my room looked, so I decided to rearrange. Please don't mind the gray walls. I need to repaint, hopefully I'll do that this week.

3. Funny stories: We have had a really funny week here in Haiti. I wanted to share with you three funny things. All of these are taken from other people!

a. Upon the groups arrival on Saturday, the team leader got out of the truck, and said I didn't get my luggage. I told him, that we could send Miguel to go get it on Monday. He then replied, "they told me they would deliver it." That may not seem funny to you, but they have never once delivered a piece of luggage from the airport, in fact they make you search for it in this small room.

b. One of the orphanages we work with, is a middle-aged married couple. We just found out that she was pregnant (she is 41). Donna decided to take her to a clinic to make sure everything was ok, since she had some cramping and swollen legs. It took Donna about 3 trips to the clinic and on the 3rd trip she was so frustrated and couldn't figure out why they couldn't diagnose her. Our friend Maxo, leaned over and said, "Maybe they just think she is a fat women, not pregnant." Awww! We love medical care here. :) Why that wasn't the first question they asked her, we don't know. However, Jim and Sandy at HHM saw her today...We are so thankful to have a good clinic right next door.

c. My mom has been working at HHM, with Jim and Sandy, this week. She came in last night and told us an funny story about a patient (no Hippa rules in Haiti). The guy walked in and said he has gas, gas everywhere. He has gas all the way from his heads, to his toes... I didn't know you could have gas escape from your toes, but I guess anythings possible in Haiti!

That's all for today!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!!

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