Wednesday, October 24, 2012

{Life on the Field} - Teams

After 6 weeks with no teams, we have had teams the last two week. Which, usually means, I run from site to site, get supplies, manage the staff, etc.. 

Today...I have to brag on our Haitian staff. Yesterday it rained this morning and our schedule needed to shift. Our group was wanting to help with construction, but also develop relationships in the community and work with orphanages. It's nearing the end of their week so they wanted to split up today, to do different things. I will the past this would freak me out, because going in 3 directions, would mean I would need to go in 3 directions...

TODAY....I stayed at our house and hung out with our cooks. We had our construction boss, Alex, lead 2 with the construction...Billy & Zicot, lead 2 with the prayer walk...and Donna & Miguel, took the other two to the orphanage. 

I am so proud of our staff.. So proud and thankful to work with a great team....

God is big, I am small!!!

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