Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Day That Changed My Life

Three years ago today...

It started out as any other day. I got up and ran, did my devotions, worked, took a little break to start packing for my trip the next day to Haiti, went back to work, and then I read a small little line on Google...."Earthquake in Haiti."

I actually didn't believe it at first. I called my parents, they hadn't heard anything. I turned on the news and from that moment on, my life was changed. You could see the devastation, the hurt...fear came over me. Were my friends alive? I so badly wanted to be there, wanted to help my friends, to help those in need. I cried out to God for my loved ones.

For a week, I did nothing but watch the news, help get supplies, and help plan peoples trips to Haiti.

A week later, my dad and I were on a plane to Haiti, with no return plans. I can still remember the sounds at the airport...the smell...the view...M' pa janm bliye, I will never forget. I won't forget the many ways God provided, the lessons I learned, the things I saw, the people I loved.

Prior to the earthquake, God had already stirred in my heart a desire to move full-time to Haiti. I kept telling him no. Our week and a half in Haiti in January 2010, changed my life. I said "YES" to God.

Three years later...Today.. I have being reading in my twitter feed and Facebook feed, many articles about the devastation that hit three years ago, the lack of aid that actually made it here, the unstable government, very little progress, etc... Some are true, some make valid points, but today I want to think about the good, the progress that has been made. It sometimes is hard to see, but if you look at the little things and focus on the way God is working, you can see them. There has been progress. Thousands of lives were saved, for eternity (people committing their lives to Christ), there are more schools, more medical centers, more people working together, some home and businesses rebuilt. Progress.

Please continue to pray for this nation. There is progress, but there are still needs. Please don't forget!

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  1. Expectantly watching for Him to do more!!!!!!!