Tuesday, April 16, 2013

For all the runners...

I borrowed this picture from my friend Emily..  If you aren't a runner, I know that you are grieving for those that lost their lives...for this horrible event that has taken place. In your mind, as well as mine, you are wondering why?

If you are a runner, your mind may go to a different place...The self-less act of many that didn't finish, instead to help those in need, to donate blood..knowing what they were sacrificing...months of training, hours of running, a dream, a bucket list item, etc. I couldn't imagine...

My last marathon in 2009. 

At the finish of TC Marathon 2009. 

I'm a runner...I've ran two marathons... Two weeks ago I registered for my next marathon in October. Maybe you are like my husband and don't understand why anyone would even want to do such a thing....and really it is hard to explain.

It's an accomplishment that many won't achieve, its a bond with other runners, there is morale, there's pride, there is the "out of body" experience, there is the pushing your body to an extreme, etc...

Today...my heart goes out for those in Boston...for those runners, spectators, for the city, all of whom had something taken from them yesterday!


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