Friday, April 8, 2011

{Friday Favorites} - April 8, 2011

They are back!! It seems as if I was a little busy during the month of March, but have no fear, I have returned to the blogging world :)

1. My Family....everyone was together the last week of March, we had a great time :) Had lots of laughs, sun and water. The kids all did great with little sleep and constant movement!!!

2. Track and Coaching....I love track season, at times it can be intense for the kids, but I love watching them PR and excel. It reminds me of the good old days, we my running mates in high school. All of the training, hardwork, morning runs, is all worth it.

3. Don't laugh at me on this one..."One Shining Moment"
March Madness is on of my all time favorite things, from the moment of the first tip off until this silly montage video happens. It's do or die for these kids and they leave it all on the court. This year's tournament stayed true to it's name, madness. It was crazy, but that is why we love it.
So truth time here...I love the photo montage. I have to watch it every year and every year I have little tears (I was watching with friends this year, so I fought them back), but I am always a little sad to see the season go....

Happy Friday to everyone, I'm off to the pool!


  1. Ohhhhh i just love you so much! Glad the blog is back : ) And you can re watch One Shining Moment and cry - i promise i won't judge you ;)

  2. I might though :) I do love any sports montages! Love the FF, inspiring me to do mine!!!

  3. Haha :) Thanks girls. Renee...already have rewatched it :)