Wednesday, May 18, 2011


On a basketball road trip in college, my parents described my room as a file cabinet; everything has a place and it is organized. I also pack very efficiently as well....

Step 1... I first packed everything I thought I needed

Step 2.... Organizing the stuff into categories 
Most importantly shoes (notice no heels :( ) 

Coffee and tea

Clothes, bedding...



It all neatly fit into 5 bags that weigh 48 lbs each (just under the 50lb limit)

They are all packed and labeled (I wrote everything I put in each bag and labeled it)...ready to fly to Haiti!!!


  1. Ashlee, I just came across your blog (thanks for sending your prayer letter to me) and I loved this post b/c I did the same thing... i wrote down everything I was packing and which bag it was in so I could find everything when I arrived. Lol! Praying for you now...

  2. Waoh!!! Your blog is very original and nice.