Friday, November 4, 2011

{Friday Favorites} - November 4's been a while since I have blogged, sorry about that. I'm trying to get back on track :) I guess a good way to start is with Friday Favorites.

1. CHE - Community Health Evangelism: Last week my mom flew in and we had the opportunity to attend a class about CHE. It was a wonderful learning opportunity and I'm very excited about getting it started here in Haiti. The idea is that you get the community involved in helping to solve the health issues in their community. With it you use biblical truths and also talk about community development. I'm excited about where it will lead. Oh and it was a blast sharing the time with my MOM!!!

2. On the day I got back from CHE, I was walking outside after dark and ran into a pipe...A broken toe resulted...Stupid me.


3. The Cafe and Bookstore: We have been trying to find different places in Petionville that make us feel like we have gotten a way a little. We found this awesome Cafe and Book Store. The food was delicious. I had a Prosciutto, Chicken and Pesto Sandwich. Yum!! The place was so relaxing and cute.

4. That's right. This week marked Nov 1st and I started listening to Christmas music. I love it. Here is a new album I purchased. It is Matt Wertz's good!! Love listening to Christmas music for a month and a half :) It is a little weird listening to music about snow, in Haiti though :)

5. Pintrest: I'm adicted...that is all I can say!!!

Hope you have a great Friday!!!

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