Friday, February 17, 2012

{Friday Favorites} - February 17

1. Engagement Pictures: As some of you saw a sneak peak on Facebook; Claudy and I, with the help of our friends Lauren and Laura, took engagement pictures. We found some cool spots and took some ideas from Pinterest. I must admit, they turned out great (or maybe I'm just biased). Here's a look. I'll put some more on Facebook.

This is just for fun...I only added it because Claudy loves it!!

  2. Lauren: One of my very good friends from Fort Myers (she lives in Indiana now) came to visit this week.  Thanks Lauren for taking the time to serve along side us, for being a great friend, for encouraging me and always being a friend that sharpens me!! You are doing amazing things!

3. New Horizons: Lauren is pictured with some of the kids at New Horizons Orphanage. We stopped to hang out with them. Madam Christian, who runs the orphanage with her husband, is pregnant and should be on bed rest. Please pray for them, she is only 5 months a long and needs to be laying, they have more kids than they can take care for. Pray that she will have a healthy baby, that she will stay healthy, and pray for the kids in the orphanage that they are impacting. 

4. Valentine's Day: I must say, I didn't know that they would celebrate Valentine's Day in Haiti. Claudy and I had the opportunity to spend the day together, he took me to a coffee shop, grocery shopping, bought me flowers, and then we came home, watched a movie and I cooked dinner and made his favorite Banana Pie. We had a great day!!

4. PASSION 2012: During Passion 2012, I purchased the all access pass. I have loved this, since I was unable to attend and don't get to hear many sermons in my language. One of the videos that came out this week was Chris Tomlin and others, singing "How Great is Our God" it was so moving, so I wanted to share it with you! I hope you are blessed and encouraged by the amazing God we serve, that connects us all together!

Hope you all have a blessed week!!! 

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