Monday, April 23, 2012

He Answers

One of the many things I loved about coming back and forth to Haiti was that I could clearly see God at work in so many ways. It was the bright light in the darkness. I still love having those moments. Today, I saw God work. We have been having protests in Carrefour, because a congressman killed a police office and the people are protesting. Which has made it difficult to travel to Port Au Prince.

We knew there were going to be protests today, but they could happen all week and we needed to get our solar equipment out of customs, so that the team who flew in to install the solar would actually be able to work. We set out this morning at 5:30, hoping to get through before they started protesting. We prayed that we would be able to pass through.

We got to Carrefour and some demonstrations had started, but we were able to drive on some backroads and get through. Town, was so quiet, it was eerie. The tap taps weren't driving, so it was just people walking. After driving through Port Au Prince we arrived at Chatelain an hour early. When they finally opened, we were informed that all of our paperwork to get it out of customs was with one of their employees who was stuck in Carrefour, so we wouldn't be able to get it out today, but they would see what they could do. I prayed...They came up with a solution that one of them would go with us, and try to talk with customs and see if they could find a copy of the paperwork showing we had paid and we could get it out. I continued to pray and 2 hours later, we had our solar panels.

 After a 2.5 hour long shopping experience at the appliance store, we left to go to the airport. We picked up Allen and proceed to drive home. We prayed before driving and were hoping it would rain (maybe they would stop protesting). We had heard that there were protests on Delma, Martesan, and Carrefour. At this point we had to drive through all 3 of those areas. God heard our prayers, it started to rain and the people started clearing and we were able to pass on some backroads.

I am so thankful that the Lord had us in His hands today and that He answered our prayers. We serve a faithful God and I am continually learning that I need to continually rely on Him.

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