Monday, April 16, 2012

He Called Her Into His Arms

6 weeks ago, I wrote you about this little girl.I wrote about the love I had for her and the opportunity God had given me to connect her with someone that could give her help. A couple weeks ago, I updated and told you how happy she was and how much improvement she had made.

My heart is grieving, because the Lord has called this precious into His arms. She touched my heart and my life...Because of her, my life won't be the same. Even though she did not have a good life here on earth, she had smiles, she had grace,  she touched many lives in the 6 weeks that she was at OLTCH and now, I rejoice for her, that she no longer is in pain, but  she is enjoying her time with our Lord.

Thank you Ella Grace, for touching my life, for bringing me joy and showing my God's grace!! I love you!!


  1. Makes me so sad for you guys! Thanks for giving us insight into the things we don't typically think about on a day to day basis here in the US!!

  2. This is SO sweet, Ashlee. "Dear Lord, please comfort Ashlee and all who are hurting; may they continue to be inspired by Ella Grace's smile. It reminds me of my granddaughter Annie; that heavenly smile. And, Lord, please PLEASE bring political healing and enable ministry to these dear people be able to be effective. In jesus' Name. Amen." I met your handsome dear Clauddy Sunday. hope he really understood that your dad was not planning on treating him like Laban treated Jacob so he could marry you. You probably heard of the way he introduced him and said he had told him he would requir of him what was required of Jacob in order to get to marry his daughter.
    In His love, Norma