Friday, May 18, 2012

{Friday Favorites} - May 18th

 1. Helping Teach at OLTCH: Last week, I didn't have any groups and wasn't able to schedule my own teacher training, so I joined Laura in her classroom. We had fun teaching English and making Mother's Day cards!!

2. New Coffee Maker: Ok, this is definitely a 1st world girl problem, I know. However, 3 weeks ago my Keriug coffee maker died. I've resorted to drinking expired instant coffee. I found out my friend Katie was coming to Haiti and I shipped one to her and she so kindly brought it to Haiti for me!! It has been so nice having it back :)

3. New Apartment: Maybe not new...I'm still living in the same house, but since Claudy and I are getting married, we not have two rooms and a little division set up for a little more privacy and space for us. I've been trying to be crafty and with the help of Sally, a NP staying with us for 2 months, I have some new rugs and lamps!!
Entry Way

Entry Way/ Hall Way...With New IKEA red rug, New IKEA lamp and my made sign...I painted some plywood black, painted a quote, crocheted some flowers and then stapled on the I"m waiting for some new black and white pictures!!

We have an office with a sitting area, a new gray IKEA rug, and IKEA lamp...notice the Keruig

I moved my desk and photo wall to the "office"

I added some quotes to the wall and eliminated the mosquito net. 

Our Closet...I even made room for Claudy's clothes :) 

Claudy's dresser and then my created frames that have chicken wire and then my You & Me painting

It's been fun, preparing a new "home". I was definitely struggling with giving up some of my marriage expectations of preparing a home for our family and this definitely helped!.

4. This summer I have 4 additional staff members. Jane (on the right) arrived yesterday and she is our intern mentor and handling a lot of the communication pieces while I am away. Matt, is an intern mentor will be arriving tomorrow. Chelsey, an intern will be arriving next week. Christine, who lived her for a year is coming back for the summer. I'm very excited about having more people here to help. Katie (on the left), works in New Orleans with Touch Global and is in charge of the internship program. She came to Haiti this week and we have been working hard, to structure the program and prepare for their arrivals!!

Hope you all have a great week...In case you are wondering... 17 days until I arrive in MN and 35 days until I become MRS.FRANCOIS!!!!

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