Friday, March 1, 2013

Friday Favorites

1. My husband is awesome! He has been a huge blessing to me this week. I've had a rough week to say the least. He has been supportive, encouraging, and doing everything!! So thankful to do life with him!

2. One Thousand Gifts - I just got to 100. What a great reminder to look at our day and focus on the gifts God gives us!

3. Me, Myself and Lies - The ladies and I have been doing this study. We just finished. What an eye-opener to hearing the things that I have been telling myself. It's amazing...

4. I Desire Jesus - In love with this song! 

5. Sun Tea - I've been making sun tea everyday! Here is my favorite :) 

6. Motto rides - After my run, Claudy asked if I wanted to go on a motto ride. Love those and him :) The motto died a little ways down the road, we had to push it home :) Good memories :) 

Have a great weekend!


  1. 1000 gifts was one of the most lifechanging books ever for me. Such a fun journey! Also, love sun tea! I wish! it was warm enough here for that.

    1. Living here in haiti, it is easy to see the things that are going wrong...1000 gifts has totally changed my focus!! Wishing you some warm weather!