Friday, August 19, 2011

{Friday Favorites} - August 19

1. Enjoyed having Kelsey McMichael...we had a great week...and even taught some English... Thanks Kels for coming to Haiti and helping out!

2. Had an opportunity to go up into the mountains and meet these two families....they were so precious. So excited that they will be able to attend school this year.

3. of our summer interns, I have so enjoyed having her here....Enjoyed having another girl in the house. Thanks Jane for the great summer!!

4. if you climb the mountain at sunset, this is the view...So beautiful, so thankful that God reveals himself in so many ways!! He is majestic!!

5. Maxo's community school is excited to work with them this year! So thankful for Maxo's dream and desire to help the poor!

6. Soccer...Yesterday, we played soccer in Leogone, this is the type of ministry we are looking at doing more of!! Had a great day...

Apparently, my hair is like a dolls hair, everywhere I go they like to play with it.

7. This is what happens when you spend a lot of time at the orphanage. The girls like to braid my hair and this day they did a particularly interesting job!!

8. Last Saturday I had a day away at Club Indigo. I went with my friend Claudy.....what a beautiful place and how awesome to enjoy some time away!!

WOW...this was really overdue, hope you have a great Friday!!

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