Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The School is Up!!

It all started, because my friend was bothered by the injustice, but the things not right in this world. He believes that all children deserve to be educated and to hear the gospel!

Because of this dream, these children who would never be able to afford the average $200 a year school tuition, and most cannot afford the $25 they are asking, will have the opportunity to go to school this year. 

It building started with a wall....

Then the walls went up....


They finished the Trusses 

And then the tin went on....


It's not very big...but it will change lives...Thank you for all who help contribute, build and pray!! Please continue to pray for the children that will attend school, that they and their families will be impacted!

 PS this is one of the schools I will be doing teacher training with, as well as adult education and English classes. 

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  1. How wonderful!!!! The pics are awesome and I am so happy you posted the process! I know you will do an incredible job training those teachers.