Tuesday, January 4, 2011

As I reflect over 2010, I am so thankful for all God has done in my life and all He is continuing to do. Here is some of what I learned and experienced.

* The year started out with great sorrow, as I watched the television and saw devastation on a land and a country that I love. Then traveling to Haiti two weeks after the quake and God opening my eyes to so many things, but not being able to share what I had experience. It was as if I was on the mountain top with the disciples, knowing I had to come done, but knowing I couldn't explain it all.
* Through the experience after the earthquake I realized I was being disobedient to God and not really giving all of myself. I knew that I needed to answer the call to move and serve in Haiti.
* God is a great orchestrator. The way he put everything together, is far better than I could ever dream.
* God walks on holy ground. Everywhere He is it is Holy. Even in the poor and desolate communities. He walks there, so it is holy.
* I learned God is a romancer. One of the areas that I struggled to give up, when being obedient, was my singlehood. While yes, God is big, way bigger than that, I just don't really expect Him to ship and husband to Haiti just for me (I realize some of you out there will say yes he can, and he might, but just go with me for a little bit). I struggled giving up the idea of marriage. While I am content in my singlehood, just the idea that it wouldn't be a possibility was kind of strange. However, after studying his word, realizing He is a romancer, we are to fall in love with him. While, he may not fulfill those desires with a husband at this time, He will FILL them!!
* God is a redeemer. I am a sinner in constant need of his redeeming powers. I am so thankful that he Redeems me.
* God continues to pursue us.
* The road is narrow and that narrow road has lots of mountains, valleys, bumps, the path is not easy on the narrow road. However, God has called us to be different. He has called us to give up everything and follow him. Literally, everything. Anything less, is disobedience.

Our God is a great God. I am so thankful he is full of grace and continues to extend his grace to me everyday.

In 2011, I am asking God to...

* Help prepare me to move to a new culture and to adjust.
* Financially provide for my move to Haiti.
* Be my constant redeemer, romancer, and friend.
* I would make His name great.
* Show me Haitian woman to mentor and disciple.

I am also trying something new in 2011...reading through the Bible chronologically and praying for different unreached people groups.

While there is more I could write, I know God is going to do great things this year and I am excited to see what he does!!

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