Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pray without Ceasing

One area (there are many) that I know is lacking in my Christian walk is prayer. The Lord has really been pressing this on my heart the last few weeks. The importance of prayer, my need for it, especially has I enter into a new country, new place, where I don't know many. During those lonely times, I will need prayer. This morning as I was studying. I was lead to 1 Thess 5:17...A simply verse in writing, but so hard to do...Pray without Ceasing...
In the last few months I have been challenged to not just read what the Bible says and then say yes that is good, but to actually DO what it commands. This command is to pray without stopping. Be in constant prayer. I wonder what peace I would have if I prayed without ceasing, how many people I could "fight" for if I never stopped praying. It reminds me of the picture given in Rev 4 where the angels are worshiping ALL day and night. This short little verse, sounds so easy, but is so challenging to me. In response, how can I pray for you?

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