Friday, February 11, 2011

{Friday Favorites}

I know I am stealing Maria's idea, but I love it.

Friday Morning Runs

 I love running, but sometimes the same route gets old; sometimes I just need something new to see. On Friday's I like to change up my run. One of my favorites places to run is Lakes Park. Normally, the sun reflects nicely on the "Lake" and I enjoy the path, the forest, and the "hill" (I say hill lightly, but that is what Floridians call it, I think it looks like a short mound, but whatever). This morning the sun wasn't reflecting, it was raining instead. There is something peaceful about running in the rain. Maybe it's because there isn't a lot of people out, or its the water running down your face or the water splashing on your back, but I always feel I can run longer and harder. I was so thankful the path this morning.


I love being a teacher. I love that I get to help impact students. I feel like I am making a difference. However, sometimes teaching is exhausting; you are constantly giving. I think God knows when I am exhausted and this week he gave me a precious gem to just make me laugh. I was grading tests yesterday and I ran across this.....It's a note to the Distance Formula.

Baking??? maybe I don't love baking. I love to cook, but baking is a stretch. I don't like all of the steps, it all just seems so tedious. It's not like cooking where I can make things up, if I don't follow the recipe, my bake goods won't turn out. However, this week, I was reading my friend Allie's blog (Allie was one of my college roommates). She shared this great recipe of Cake Batter Cookies. I instantly thought. I can handle's simple, not very many steps. So I tried it...I can't wait to try these delicious things.

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