Friday, February 25, 2011

{Friday Favorites}

Being in that I am in Haiti this weekend, my Friday Favorites will be Haitian themed.

I love the generosity of the Haitian people. We want over to Maxo’s house (whom I just meet but is a friend of Christine’s and Wes’s), immediately they were so happy to have us at their home. They brought out chairs for us to sit on (this is a must in Haiti) and then offered us cold drinks. He brought out his kids and had them sing for us. I love that Haitian’s enjoy having people over and treat you like family when you come to visit.

Tea Tree Shampoo – Ok so this doesn’t really have anything to do with Haiti, except for that I bought a travel size bottle and brought it with me. I love it. It makes my fair feel soft and it smells so good!!

Food with Spice – On Monday, I went out to eat with my best friend Betha and we were commenting on how we love food with spice. I think that is why I get along so well with the food here in Haiti. Everything has a little spice to it…and if it doesn’t, they always add hot sauce!! I love the food here.

Packing List –So, being in Haiti has made me think about what I will need to bring when I move…here is the list so far; any suggestions?

Ikea Lamp
Ipod music dock
Plastic Bins for cloths *
Drawer system *
Eagles Nest Chair*

Bathroom *

Bathroom Mat
Shower Curtain
Shower Caddy
Bathroom Supplies


Kurig Coffee Pot/Coffee
Tervis Tumbler
DVD’s – Seasons

Have a great weekend!!!

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