Sunday, February 20, 2011


Whenever I take a personality tests or a gifts tests, the results conclude that I am an extreme extrovert. While I won't deny that I am an extrovert, I always thought to call me extreme is a little much; I like to have my own personal time and personal space. Lately I have felt very confined and I was on my whits end. To solve it, I booked a trip, for myself, to a Bed and Breakfast in Bradenton; The Londoner Inn. As soon as it was booked, I instantly felt relived. I love traveling by myself, exploring new places, talking the the locals, etc.  While most people think booking time away by yourself is odd, it is exactly what I needed.  I spent time reading, spent time with the Lord, walking, spent time at the beach, watching ships in the marina and exploring downtown Bradenton. I feel so refreshed, I needed the time with just God and I. Here are some picks of the place.
The Londoner Inn
Time at the Beach
The Farmers Market
My Room - The Westminster
The Marina 

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