Sunday, February 13, 2011

{Worst Date Ever}

No I do not hate Valentines Day, but saw this on Stuff Christians Like and thought it was great. My worst date ever took place my senior year of college. At the time I was attending a young adult group at my church and a guy that I just met wanted to go on a date. Well, to make me "comfortable" he wanted to make it a group date (yes, very common in Christian Circles), so he asked a mutual friend of ours and my brother to come on the date with us....Mistake #1 (who wants to go on an awkward first date with their brother).

We lived near the Mall of America, so he suggested that we go there, which sounded good, should be a place to watch people and help ease the awkwardness that was already occurring. Well, little did I know he had a particular place in mind, here is mistake #2....the arcade. I know that I like a lot of "male" things...but the arcade. In which I had to play a shooting game and a race car driving game.

 At this point I am hating life and just want to go home. Little did I know that the arcade also had a bowling alley....yikes!!! I hate bowling, but I will give him a break here because he didn't know that I didn't like it (and no I didn't tell him, I just pretending to have fun)...then, He decided to get competitive. Definitely mistake #3. I love competition, but bowling, and on a first date, really. He preceded to tell me that he can't handle losing to a girl in anything, which didn't hit me well, since I am an athlete. After bowling, we finally got to go home :)

The only good part of the night was the free pizza. Worst date ever...note to all of the gentlemen out there, if you want to make a girl comfortable, don't ask her older brother to come (even though I love him, I don't want him on a first date when I am trying to figure out if I like you or not) and don't take a girl to an arcade.

What is your worst date ever? Would love to hear about it.

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