Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 11 - Jett and Abby


We started out the day with a bit of new snow on the ground and some blowing wind, we set out to shovel.


Abby - She is such a joy...She loves animals, to color, to paint...and loves to decorate cookies. I love spending time with her. Sometimes she surprises me with how grown up she is getting.


Jett---Can you say energy? Who wouldn't love this little boy. Just look into those deep blue eyes and he will charm you away. He always his smiling and doesn't stop. I love how precious little ones are, how much love they have and there adventure.

So...I took a lot of pictures today because:
a. My niece and nephew are so darn cute and kept doing funny things that I couldn't stop.
b. I got these fun retro camera apps on my iphone and I love the different types of pictures they take.

I am already enjoying my time at home so much. It is a such a blessing to spend an extended period of time with them, knowing that I will be leaving soon for Haiti and won't have near the time with them that I do now.

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