Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 3 & 4 - 25 Days of Christmas

 Day 3 - Sanibel Island

I have a great group of friends and two of my best friends both work for PR firms, which help put on events. Well, it so happens that they usually need volunteers to work the events. It's usually tough work, but am happy to help, (by tough I mean, work for 2 hours talking to people and then free food and fund with friends after). We have a great time. Last night was luminary for Sanibel and Quinton and I were in charge at a trolley pick up. On our list was to control the crowd, you know it did get a little hard, but we were able to calm them down with Grandma
 got ran over by a reindeer. HAHA!!! So fun.
Besides, that I got to work with Quinton...He is such a great friend. I know if I ever need anything, I could just call him and he would be there to help or to comfort!! He is the best!
 Day 4 - Saturday mornings at the apartment with the roommate. I must admit when Beth moved out and Renee moved in, I knew I would miss our Saturday morning routine of Coffee and College game day. While nothing could replace that...Renee seems to love the Saturday morning routine of coffee and hang out (so we may have switched to movies instead of college game day). Also you may not notice from these pictures but we are in sweatshirts, sweatpants, socks, and using 2 blankets each.. We had a cold front come through and left our windows open; our house was only 65 degrees this morning. A little chilly!! But who doesn't love that.
I am so thankful for Renee...She has been a great roommate and become a great friend! She is a great listener and does a great job of getting me out of the house, it seems I am able to stay up a little bit later and still function! Also, she does a great job of keeping me accountable spiritually and encouraging me in my faith! Renee is also a great friend and will absolutely do anything for anyone, she has such a servants heart that saying no to helping people is so difficult!! Love you girl, maybe we will have to continue saturday mornings via skype??

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