Saturday, December 1, 2012

{25 Days of Christmas} - Day 1

I love Christmas! I love the smells, the food, the decorations, the celebrations, time spent with family...during the next 25 days I will share with you some of those things. However, this year I am also planning on sharing from an advent devotional that I am help me keep focus on the real reason that we celebrate Christmas.

Luke 1:1-7 starts the journey to Bethlehem, all the way in Nazareth...with an elderly couple, Elizabeth and Zacharias. They had been married for many years and yet still had no children. While I have not struggled through this, I cannot imagine the heartache...yet, the bible talks about out blameless their relationship with the Lord was. Even though Elizabeth and Zacharias had dashed hopes, and yet they continued to serve God wholeheartedly. Elizabeth believed the promises of God long after the others would have given up frustration.

The first lesson we can learn this Christ is to be patient with God. Trust God even when your circumstances are challenging. Continue to live a righteous life through days of disappointment. Pray fervently and believe that God is listening to your prayers. Continue to embrace a positive heart attitude when you don't get your way. True believers walk by faith and not by sight.
- From Joy to the World Devotional on YouVersion App.

I decorated a while ago, but this week, Denise brought me some new decorations, so I went hunting for some sticks. I'm pretty sure our Haitian Staff thought I was crazy when I dragged it inside the house, but I love the way it looks!

Last week, my parents visited. They were given a donation to purchase some Christmas Presents for new Horizons. So we picked Friday to shop. Little did we know, that we would have Black Friday shopping in Haiti! We were blessed to purchase a lot of toys, 3 bikes, and a hot wheels! So excited to deliver to the kids when it gets closer to Christmas. 

I hope you have a blessed day!!

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