Monday, December 3, 2012

{25 Days of Christmas} - Day 2 & 3

This morning, as usual, we attended Christianville Church. I was surprised when we started singing that we were singing some Christmas Carols....Angels We Have Heard On High!

What gives you awe? What makes you speechless? The night Christ was born was the most monumental and awe-inspiring even that has ever occurred in human history as God sent His one and only Son to earth so that we could have eternal life.

There has not been an event in history before or after Christ's birth that resulted in such celebration that the angels themselves made their physical presence known and their voices hear in song. Can you imagine how the shepherds' jaw must have dropped at the site and sound of the angels?

It seems like people tend to have fewer experiences these days of complete awe. Most of us have fewer awe-inspiring moments with God like we should. Our relationship with Him often becomes too comfortable and even ordinary.

This Christmas, make an attempt to regain those awe-inspiring moments with God. Strive to make your relationship with Him something so inspiring that is causes you to rejoice like the angels did. Don't let your relationship with Him be ordinary, but rather make it extraordinary.
-from Carols: A Christmas Devotional from YouVersion App.

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