Tuesday, December 18, 2012

{25 Days of Christmas} - Day 16 & 17

Sorry this post is a little. I tried to post last night and I didn't have a great internet connection! 

Today, our group spent their time prayer walking and then doing a VBS at New Horizons. Here's a little video...

Who Is This Man?
This is one of my favorite questions in the entire Bible. Who is this man? People always marveled at Jesus. Sure, He did lots of things that made people scratch their heads in awe—such as multiplying food to feed the hungry, healing the paralyzed, turning water into wine so that a wedding wouldn’t be a total flop, and other drop-your-jaw-in-awe miracles. But these things didn’t get Jesus into trouble. What caused Him trouble with the religious authorities of the day is when He would do things and say things that only God Himself was supposed to say and do. Such as, gee, I don’t know . . . claim to be God. When Jesus went around doing stuff like that, well . . . that’s precisely why the leaders of the day wanted to kill Him.
The situation with the woman at the dinner party is just one of those moments. When Jesus had the audacity to forgive her sins, He did something that everyone knew and fully understood could only be done by God Himself. Forgiveness. After, He is the friend of sinners. 
- From Redeemed Girl Ministries - Day 17 found here

Have a blessed day!!

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