Wednesday, December 5, 2012

{25 Days of Christmas} - Day 4 & 5

As I say every year, that this year I am going to be better about blogging everyday during the 25 days of Christmas. I guess that didn't about every other day? 

We have been crazy busy, with 20 people in town for the last week and a half. Today most of them are gone. It's 9am, I'm still in my PJ's, I have a candle, Christmas music, open bible, a stack of important documents ready to go to immigration,  laundry going, and a peppermint mocha in hand (see below)! It's a good day. A day to catch up. A day to stop, to listen, to be renewed. I was just talking with Liz (her husband Steve is our city team leader, they live in Brazil), how I sometimes feel guilty...that I feel like a bad missionary, because on weeks like this, I don't have time to read my bible for an hour a day...this week, I hardly cracked it...and I am so hungry for his word (now you know, missionaries struggle just like you!). 

In years past, I can't remember focusing on the advent. I can't remember specifically trying to focus my heart on the preparation of Christmas. I am so enjoying my study! 

"Mary had grown up in the same village as Joseph who was several years older than she was. Perhaps they had admired one another from a distance...perhaps Joseph had just been waiting for the darling Mary to grow up!

Mary was in the house one afternoon, maybe working on her wedding attire, or sewing towels for her new home when she sensed someone in the room with her. Conceivably, Mary looked around to see if anyone had joined her. 'And coming in, Gabriel said to her, Greetings, favored one! The Lord is with you.'

Christmas, for Mary, was the challenge of understanding what the favor of God is truly all about. Mary was about to learn that being highly favored by God does not mean a life of unbroken happiness nor does it promise that all of your dreams will come true. There is a tremendous price to be paid by those who are highly favored by God; favor means, simply, that God is willing to use you. 

God is willing to use the young, the uneducated and the inexperienced in His grand plan for humanity. Just as the favor of God targeted the womb of Mary, I believe that the favor of God is targeting everyone and anyone who is willing to be part of God's strategy at this historical juncture. 

Christmas, for Mary, was about discovering the intimacy of the Lord's presence as never before. Mary was about to be confronted with the reality that favor happens when God places a piece of Himself into an earthly life. No longer was God a mere concept or a Divine Being who never engaged Himself in the affairs of everyday life. Because of Gabriel's message, the presence of God Himself had invaded the life of this young girl who, prior to this moment, had nothing but Joseph on her mind. 

Experiencing the favor of God in new ways is one of the best parts of Christmas! To think that God would desire to use me at this time in history is a gift that I never imagined I would find under the tree of life. 

Discovering a fresh lifestyle of intimacy in the presence of Jesus is God's life-changing Christmas gift to you this year. 

Christmas is proclaiming to your world, 'The Lord is with me...and with you! What a wonderful Surprise!'

- Taken From Joy! to You World on YouVersion App

As I said earlier, I have a peppermint mocha in hand! How might you ask?? I made it from home! Here is how!

First - Start with 2 York Peppermint Candies 
Haiti Peeps - I found them at Caribbean Grocery Store

Put them in the bottom of your coffee mug!

Pour over your coffee or if you have a Keurig, brew your coffee over it. 

Stir...Stir well, or your flavoring will be stuck to the bottom!

Have a great day!!!

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