Sunday, December 9, 2012

{25 Days of Christmas} - Day 8 & 9

Claudy and I are traveling to Minnesota in two weeks. We decided to start looking at the forecast! This is what we saw!!

With that being is our last free weekend before going to the states, so we decided to spend some time with Claudy's family! 

We also decided to spend some time enjoying the tropics. We had a great get away to Wahoo Bay Beach Resort (I know, suffering for Jesus) It was really relaxing!! 

Poolside View

Sunset Picture

We don't have snow...but Christmas in the tropics can be pretty!!

Mary proclaimed Jesus as the Risen Lord. To call Him "Lord" is to submit to His rule, power, dominion and authority. This is the surrendered heart. As worshipers of Christ, we don't just know Jesus as the One who saves us from our sins, but we also worship Him as the Risen Lord. The One who rules and reigns. The only One who has the right to sit upon the throne of our hearts. This is Christmas, let us not only worship the Lord Jesus Christ with our words, but also with our lives through humble service and loving obedience. Let us give Him all the Glory, for He alone is Worthy! (from Redeemed Girl - to read more click on the link)

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