Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 12 - {25 Days of Christmas} - and Day 10 & 11

I apologize that I didn't write the last two days. I have not been feeling well and couldn't find enough energy to write. I also ask for your patience with this blog post, I have two thoughts for today and they don't really connect, but bear with me.
 Last Monday, I wrote about the great super market  that we go to get some supplies. Well more frequently I got to a "Mache" which means to walk or market in Kreyol, which is an open air market. This is where I try to by our vegetables. Some of the common things that I buy are...
Chou - Cabbage
Kawot - Carrots
Betrav - Beats
Piman Dous - Green Peppers
Zonyon - Onion
Lay - Garlic

Tomat - Tomatoes
Pomdete - Potatoes
Piman Pike - Hot peppers
Diri - Rice
Pwa - Beans
Maggie - Chicken Bouillon
Lwil - Oil

I told you that I had two different thoughts today and I wish I had an easier way to connect them, but I don't.


 Have you ever thought about the "What ifs" in your life. Have you wondered what your life would have been like if you'd made different choices or been born in a different place? What if God hadn't delivered Israel from Egypt? What if God hadn't intervened and sent Jesus to live a sinless life for our sins. What if God hadn't given you insight to His plan and had never rescued you from your sin? I think about this a lot in Haiti and the picture of the girls to the left, is a picture of how God pursued me to Haiti. What if I had been born and not wanted by my parents? If I had been raised in an orphanage and lost hope? What would my life look like?
What if the only job I could find was looking for "usable" items in a garbage dumb? These thoughts, this season, has brought me to my needs in gratitude. Thankful for what God has brought me through, thankful for what He has opened my eyes to, thankful for what he has blessed me with, thankful that Christ loves me and pursues me despite my failure, and most thankful that He sent his SON to die on the cross for my sins!!

Hope you have a blessed day!!

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