Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 8 - {25 Days of Christmas} - Construction

 When I decided to move to Haiti, one of the things I was a little concerned about, was the living conditions. I had no idea what type of house I would have to live in. I must admit that I am beyond blessed in this area. I live in a really nice house, that was partially damaged in the earthquake. One of the rental agreements was that we would fix the house. For the most part, upon my arrival, this was already done, except for parts of the upstairs, the staff living quarters. This week, 2 wonderful men, Rob and Paul, are visiting and working on finishing some of the needs in the upstairs. They have been working on a new bathroom. Selfishly, I am thrilled about this, as I will no longer have to share with the men of the house or have to worry about people staring at me while I shower. The bathroom I currently use has a giant window in the middle of it. The pictures on the left are what I arrived home to this afternoon... We love construction.

More crafting....I had finished the hat last week, but I finally made myself a new infinity scarf, that matches my hat!! Now I am ready to arrive in Minnesota on the 21st!!!

Blessings to you! Hope you have a great day!

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