Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 1–{25 Days of Christmas}– The children of Haiti

Well it’s back…from last year anyways…the 25 Days of Christmas. Hopefully this will help give you a better understanding of how I spend my time in Haiti. Although, I won’t have any groups so it won’t be a completely fair observation.

photo (2)One of my favorite things to do when I am having a rough day or have been super busy, is to escape to OLTCH an orphanage we partner with. It is an escape to hold a baby, play ball with the boys, or sing and braid hair with the girls! Today I got to play and hold these too precious boys…Amasiah and Elijah. The are staying in Laura and Ayla’s room. Both are so precious.

photo (3)
Here is a little video for you from the girls of OLTCH!!!! Merry Christmas!!!
Joy to the World

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  1. Hey Ash,
    Just checked out your blog for the first time. Sorry it took me so long:) Praise God for the love you are showing to the children in Haiti. Hope all is going well. We are busy now with THREE children. They, too, are such a blessing from God. I go back to work on Jan.23rd. Stay cool!