Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Day 6–{25 Days of Christmas}–Kreyol Learning

Since the group left yesterday, I used today as a catch – up day around the house. I thought it would be a rather uneventful day…haha. What was I thinking? That almost never happens here.

iPhone 224
Anyways, I started the day with some Kreyol learning. My lesson from 3 weeks ago was on Synonyms and words that have many meetings. I like to make myself flashcards to help me study.

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I then did one of my tasks, that I forgot to do yesterday, which is making our weekly meal menu for the cooks. If you can see it, you will notice we have some kind of Chicken and rice almost everyday! I love our food here, but I must admit, I miss cooking.

Here I was relaxing and enjoying my day. when I heard a scream coming from downstairs, followed by Rosita and Meglan screaming my name. I went down the stairs and Marco had a door pulled out and cans out of the cabinet. Rosita begins to inform me there is a koulev in the cabinet. I know that doesn’t mean a lot to you…but it was a SNAKE…Marco killed one and apparently there was still one more in the cabinet. He found the other snake and killed it, only to have a huge rat come out of the cabinet…I called for Mario to come and help….Here are some pictures of the saga.
IMG_8362  IMG_8364  IMG_8368
I ended the eventful evening with a run. It was such a beautiful night so I thought you needed to see some pictures from my run.
iPhone 226
Here is the route…up the mountain…notice I’m just starting…About halfway up the mountain I cam across two woman on there way home for the evening. They were carrying large baskets of goods. One of the ladies decided to run with me halfway up that peak. I had to stop and clap for her…I was majorly impressed, running with a 20 lb basket on your head and it not falling. That is impressive.
Here are some pictures of the view from the top!

iPhone 229iPhone 230
iPhone 231

It looks like its time for me to eat some dinner…Have a great day


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