Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5 - {25 Days of Christmas} - Market Day!!

One of my responsibilities at the house, is to make sure we have food for the cooks and guests! About every other week I like to go to Petionville to shop. We (Laura and I) tend to use this as a day away. We find a new restaurant and then shop for our groceries...This week our new restaurant was the Pizza Garden

We were a little nervous judging by the sign..It almost looked like a dive take out place...wasn't sure what it would be like....but this is what it looked like inside :)

A beautiful place...decorated for Christmas. We had a nice relaxing lunch of pizza and diet cokes!!!

We then went to the super market and I was so happy to see Christmas decorations!!!!!! Love it!!! What a great relaxing day "away" from our realities.

Here are some more fun pics from the day!!

 Laura, Ayla and Claudy lounging.
 The lovely Laura.
 something was funny!! I think it was when Laura laughed so loud the whole restaurant shook!!!
Diet coke and lime!!

Happy Monday!!

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